Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Transformations #41: Daddy Date Day

With my eldest daughters just on the cusp of puberty, I've decided to start a one-on-one date night with one of my kids per week.  Next week I'll complete my second run through the five eldest kids.  Michael, our four month old #6 child, is exempt for the time being but I'll include him soon enough.

It's nothing really bizarre that we do; we just pack a couple of board or card games, or colouring books for the real young ones, and head to the nearest Tim Horton's.  I'll get a coffee and the kid will get a hot chocolate and a donut, and we'll play for an hour or so, making small talk and just enjoying the one-on-one time together, away from the bustle of an eight-person family.

I remember my dad doing a similar thing with us when we were teens, and wanted to implement the same idea with my kids.  It's been a challenge to fit these Daddy Date Days into my hectic schedule, but it's already showing fruits, and the kids positively love going out with me.  It's amazing to think of the influence I have over them as their father.  I pray that I'm able to be the father God wants me to be to them.