Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Meanwhile, While the Ottawa Senators Are Golfing...

Remember this post from a few months back? The Sens' wives & girlfriends had elected to donate part of their Christmas fundraiser to First Place Pregnancy Centre, and the CBC erupted in rage and threw up a big fuss. Because the FPPC doesn't refer to abortuaries.

There's a bit more to the story, apparently.

It seems that the arch-nemesis of all things pro-life, Planned Parenthood, had been doing some string pulling behind the curtains. In a press release today, FPPC alleges that Planned Parenthood "interfered with critical funding and defamed their charity putting the charity and the women they serve at risk." So First Place is suing.

Read the press release. And do what you can to help them out; legal fees are nasty.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Job

Well folks, I've finally done it. I've resigned at Convergys.

I've been there for seven years and done quite well for myself. But due to my general sense of dissatisfaction with the way the business is going (and not being invested enough in the company to try to change it myself), as well as the horrid schedule I had to work, I've been actively looking for work elsewhere for several months.

I've finally landed a great job: I'll be doing logistics and coordination of moves for a moving & storage company. It's a completely different switch from call center management, but it's a good switch. I won't be in management, which I currently consider a positive thing - I'm quite tired of being held responsible for other peoples' performance.

The best thing about this job is the schedule: I'll be off at 5:00 PM every day, instead of times varying from 3:00 PM to 2:00 AM. Plus, it's Monday - Friday, instead of seven days a week.

Finally, I get to have a normal family life. It's gonna be nice.