Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Celebrity Opinion

One of the things that vexes me most about Hollywood is why the general public cares about their opinions on anything. You don't have to listen too long or hard to hear a liberal rant about rich white men in their ivory towers who have no connection with the common man and thus are unsuited to make decisions regarding public affairs.

Unless the rich white man happens to be George Clooney, Martin Sheen, or Ashton Kutcher. Somehow the rich white man's lack of credibility disappears with the injection of Hollywood fame.

I recall seeing an interview with Topher Grace, Ashton Kutcher's co-star on That 70's Show, during the 2004 American election. He was asked what he thought of the candidates, and he said something like, "I have some advice for people. Don't listen to celebrities! We don't know what we're talking about!"

This was aired shortly after a clip of Ashton bouncing around at a Democratic convention, yelling incoherent babble into a mic. John Kerry, in the background, had the gleeful look of a toddler who had stolen his brother's favorite toy and wasn't going to give it back.

Do these guys even realize that they are usually quite typecast? Would John Kerry willingly receive an endorsement from Michael Kelso, the kid that fell off the water tower every year?

There are many scientific terms for miniscule amounts, but none can quantify the amount of respect (specifically, the lack thereof) I have for celebrity opinions. Not only on politics, but on morality, economics, relationships, and fashion. With rare exceptions, the only talent these people have is pretending to be a regular schmoe. Which they don't even do well; a sizeable chunk of regular schmoes are conservatively minded, and I don't ever remember seeing George Clooney portray a Republican.

It's no secret that the vast majority of Hollywood and the media are social liberals. Why are they so disproportionate to mainstream society? I think their distance from real life gives them too many quick answers to society's complex problems.

People that bring in $30 with 3 zeros behind it know the grueling needs of life; mortgages, car payments, insurance, kids, and the countless other expenses we real folk have no choice but to worry over.

People that bring in $30 with 6 zeros behind it know nothing of any of that, whether they be conservative or liberal minded. All they know is how to make more money. They've left all the cares and ulcers of normality behind them.

I've got no beef with rich people. I would like to be one someday! But we regular income folk must realize that rich people have a whole different set of problems from ours, and they are thus quite unsuited to give us advice.

Take Topher's wisdom to heart: Don't listen to celebrities!

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