Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I'm Growing Up

It's true. I'm growing up. I'm closer to my 31st birthday than my 30th, and am finding myself thrust by God into various positions of importance that require sober thought and a professional demeanor.

I'm on the school board, and have suddenly become the Chair of the Personnel Committee. Which means I decide what teachers to hire/not hire. And I decided last night between two very qualified candidates; making one's day (that was fun!), and crushing one's hopes (that wasn't fun.)

It seems that from here on, my path through life will abruptly and drastically affect the lives of those I have no direct connection to. The effect of a ripple caused by a new teacher dripping into the pond of school cannot be predicted.

So yes, I'm growing up. I have to assume accountability for big things now, not just the little things that are relatively easy to control like my soul and my family. Now my decisions affect large portions of society.

Still, as Christ said, "The person who is trustworthy in very small matters is also trustworthy in great ones." (Luke 16:10) I've tried to be trustworthy and faithful in all I've been given charge of so far, and who am I to utter complaints about growth when Christ says, "Time for more!"

I'm an easygoing fella; I like to relax. I like my free time; I like to sit and stare at my wife in wonder, I like to play dolls with my little girls (as much as I'd prefer to play trucks!), I like to play games with my friends, I like to read and write. I like my comfort zone - it's quite... comfortable. But life happens, and I gotta keep up.

So as I heed this call to growth Lord, and embark on the boring stuff that adults have to do, give me the spiritual vitamins and minerals to make my bones and muscles strong.

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