Monday, November 28, 2005

God: Wakey, Wakey!

During most of the liturgical seasons, I feel called to meditate on a certain theme and to implement it in my life. I usually journal to record any insights I gather. This should be a bit easier now that I've finally got my home office in some semblance of order and workability.

The theme I've been picking up on this Advent is one of wakefulness. Yesterday's homily and readings attested to it, my wife keeps insisting on it in the morning, and Fr. Cantalamessa from the Vatican has also expounded on it. He writes, "This is what the Word of God that we hear so often during Advent is determined to do, cry out so that we wake up! "

Thus I've got my theme.

What to do? I still try to make a habit of morning Mass before droning on into work, but what if I were to get up an hour earlier and add Matins?

What if I were to ensure breakfast is waiting for my wife and kids so their hectic morning
sans daddy is somewhat easier?

What if I were to - gulp - go to bed earlier so my morning sacrifice will be of my self and not of my health?

Yikes. A challenge from above.

If truly I am in a state of sleep and need to wake up, what will the new day bring? A mystery, an adventure, an encounter with Christ is what I hope for.

Bring it on. Lord, have mercy.

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