Monday, December 04, 2006

Welcome Back

I've been inundated with email (ok, maybe that's stetching it a bit) asking where the heck I got off to.

Truth is, I've been in Morrowind. Never heard of it? It's an ancient land, filled with elves and sorcerers and dragons, and I'm a Khajit named Brunos who is exploring it at the Emperor's request.

Gotta love that green armor & weaponry, eh? (It's enchanted glass!) I started out with an iron dagger and an old shirt & pants. Look at me now!

As my parents (hi Mom) and my wife (sorry dear) can attest, I tend to get a bit carried away when my imagination is allowed to run wild with computer games, especially such immersive ones as this one.

But the game is nearing its climax, and I'm starting to miss my legions of fans, so I figured I'd say hi to everybody.

So, hi!

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