Saturday, July 07, 2007

I Wish I Knew More About...

This is my 300th blog post. For no relevant reason, I decided to do a Google search on "I wish I knew more about" and am compiling the results below. The top 100 items are listed, with duplicated indicated in parentheses.

  1. Jazz music (2)
  2. Programming
  3. My hubby's stroke
  4. Rudy Guiliani
  5. Dreams
  6. Program design and evaluation
  7. Biotech in China
  8. Lyophilization [freeze-drying blood plasma or other biological substances]
  9. Self-defense
  10. the amazing opportunities both inside the campus and outside in the community
  11. The Early Action and the Early Decision
  12. electronic medical record (EMR) programs
  13. Hurricane categories
  14. The Bible
  15. The 30 [characters in a book by David Gemmell]
  16. what my students know
  17. the demands of recruiting
  18. Religion
  19. emerging markets and how to penetrate them at the right time
  20. the separate components of the greenhouse
  21. Motors
  22. those Marine football games
  23. Economic and financial stuff
  24. Chicken Pox
  25. hacking the tivo
  26. American geography
  27. the realities of the Carribean [sic] Africans
  28. social network theory
  29. The structure of writing
  30. which planets were well too hot and well too cold, etc.
  31. selling on ebay
  32. Cebuano - a dialect
  33. going to college when I was going into college
  34. Those Who Came Before
  35. Farriery [shoeing horses] (2)
  36. Jennifer Laycock [Editor of Search Engine Guide by day, and the The Lactivist by night] (2)
  37. the inhabinets [sic] of Castle Town
  38. John
  39. why I am in special education
  40. the DV-Now AV
  41. audio stuff
  42. Josh and Joanna []
  43. Money
  44. computer hardware and how it worked (2)
  45. You
  46. arts, music, and theater programs at school (2)
  47. the VIP tickets for Dallas
  48. how to set it up [the digest form]
  49. why poverty is such a strong predictor
  50. white collar crime
  51. approximation theory--Chebyshev polynomials, Fourier series, etc
  52. what data structures maintain the current state of the interpreter
  53. that Kisok [sic] system at Best Buy
  54. science education
  55. all these various lines of descent
  56. Nike tour product
  57. French culture, the French language, and France in general. Why? I cannot say.
  58. Birds
  59. South Africa
  60. your area of research
  61. The ink's durability
  62. Guitar amp repair
  63. Gustav and Josephine
  64. photography
  65. Chinese architecture
  66. contemporary genetics
  67. the item(s) I'm trying to sell
  68. pitching
  69. how these stories were originally published in Japan
  70. how Doug died
  71. Java (2)
  72. how it's put together [structure in nonfiction]
  73. cars
  74. the sound system
  75. the 'again' part [in regards to “this Josh fellow has been up to no good again”]
  76. what Tom Baker has been up to since Doctor Who
  77. the Brazos company
  78. MP3s
  79. Schuyler's
  80. why we were celebrating it [free speech]
  81. the retirement fund
  82. HDTV and a satellite receiver
  83. a cheese plate
  84. what that truly means [the Final Word]
  85. art history
  86. American history
  87. LDAP packages
  88. Vietnamese arts
  89. the council
  90. Thomas and his needs
  91. performance impacts
  92. French Opera
  93. building rpm's
  94. Installing an LS 5th gear in a 98 GSR manual transmission
  95. Barney
We live in a curious world.

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