Tuesday, August 14, 2007


So I was playing Solitaire on the computer the other day, and I lost $368.

I felt kinda stupid later though. Microsoft sent my cheque back. They said it's not a real betting game and that I don't need to pay them.

So how come they waited until the fourteenth time I sent in a payment?


That reminds me of a thing I saw on the Discovery Channel the other day. They were doing this feature on bush pilots who fly up north in the Canadian wilderness to deliver mail and supplies. They interviewed this one pilot, and apparently he has been told by the federal aviation authority to pack among his survival gear a deck of playing cards. If he ever has to bail out of the plane and live off the land until help comes, regulations say the first thing he should do is pull out the cards and start playing Solitaire.

Why, you ask?

Simple: it won't be more than five minutes before somebody comes up behind him and says, "Hey buddy, you know you can put that 8 of Clubs on that 9 of Hearts, eh?"


Thank you, thank you, I'm here all night.


  1. And... it's the morning now. Darn. Guess I'll have to catch you next time...

  2. Is this a plea of loneliness? Sometimes I just don't know how to react to your "introverting.":-(

  3. Whoa, don't get too profound dear... sometimes I'm just silly.


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