Friday, September 07, 2007

A Poll

All right men, it's time to find something out about ourselves. Be honest - this is completely anonymous.


The only way to see the results is to vote, and I implore you ladies who view this not to vote - instead, summon your husband (or find some other man), close your eyes and let him vote.

Thanks to The Curt Jester for the web traffic to get more than my tiny of circle of friends to contribute to the poll. So far the results are quite surprising, given that presumably only men committed enough to their faith to read Catholic blogs are voting.

I'll do a follow-up post in a week or so.


  1. Can't afford a pornograph. ;o)

  2. Well, that and the folks who do random searches for "porn" and think it's funny....

    Random stuff can be FAST. I posted a pro-Huckabee thing yesterday and had a raving reply inside of half an hour.

    If you've got a traffic counter, they might be able to tell you where the hits are coming from.

    (mine came from a web bot that polls for the words "ron paul" and makes a large list of links)

  3. Convert Man,

    Will you be conducting a similar survey for women? Nah! Woman don't look at porn on-line!! Do they?

  4. Heidi,

    Well, I am the Convert Man, after all... although you do raise a good point and I'll consider a future poll geared towards women.

    My initial purpose in doing this poll was to find out if I'm some sort of anomaly among religious men, and I'm finding that I'm not.

  5. As someone that struggles and is in recovery for sex addiction, it can be hard to deal with, even when working to be faithful.

  6. A few years ago, the results would have surprised me, but in dealing with my own struggles with pornography, I've begun to suspect (and hear about it from others) that it is a struggle that is indeed very widespread among men (including devout Catholic men). I've become quite convinced that letting men know that they are not alone in their struggle is an important first step to healing. Not only does it provide courage to help men to openly and honestly bring their stuggle to the healing graces of confession, it also opens the door to men uniting in their struggle by sharing with each other and being accountable to each other.

  7. If you are posting a follow-up, I'd be interested to see how many people voted in total

  8. So far I've got 365 votes... far more than I would have ever hoped for.

    You can view the detailed poll info here.

    Should be an interesting follow-up; I'll let the CJ know when I've written it.

  9. Put me down for another, "I would be suprised but I know myself" vote.

  10. I'm proud to be able to submit my "Never" vote. 2 years ago I would have had to click the "Frequently" button.

    Listening to a program about marriage on "Focus on the Family", I was amazed to hear how many men have serious problems with porn, and especially those in the ministry (both ministers and lay ministers).

    I personally used to think that it wasn't hurting anyone. Now I realize how much it was hurting me and my relationship with my wife.

    Its important to relay this information to our high school age kids. Porn *will* hurt you. The problem is that its very difficult to recognize the damage its doing...


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