Monday, February 11, 2008

Little Girls & Drunkenness

Yesterday I explained to my girls what it means to be drunk.

I had to, you see. I was reading "Robin Hood and His Merry Foresters" to them (a book so old it has no copyright date or ISBN), and it described how the evil Normans, who had stormed a castle belonging to one of Robin's nobleman friends and killed all the occupants, had been observed drinking by advance scouts from Robin's band as he sought revenge. Friar Tuck then happily announces, "Drinking! A stroke of luck!"

My girls, sweet little innocents that they are, were somewhat perplexed. Did that mean that they'd have to go to the bathroom while there were fighting? What made it so lucky?

So I gently broke down how some drinks, like the wine we sometimes have at Christmas and fancy meals, can make you "drunk" if you have too much. When you're drunk you don't think before you act, and sometimes you get very clumsy. Ultimately, you can't fight well when you're drunk.

Tell that to this guy.

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