Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Highlights of The American Election Coverage

For me, these were some of my most memorable moments of the Obama victory lap.

  • Seeing CBC's Neil McDonald fantasize over what would happen if the crowd outside The Whitehouse stormed the gate and ripped W limb from limb.
  • Hearing the lady who sang The Star Spangled Banner for Obama get the words wrong - FOUR TIMES
  • Seeing the joy drip from the face of Peter Mansbridge as he praised Obama for being "remarkable." Yes, I can think of some remarks.
  • Hearing Neil McDonald (him again!), after investigating whether or not the crowd at The Whitehouse fence was hostile, relay that in fact they were just very excited and not dangerous. A bunch of university students dormed nearby, he reported, had got on "their text message machines" and sent message after message to each other to converge at The Whitehouse.
  • How the crowd shots at McCain's headquarters were all closeups of somber faces, shown side-by-side of the Obama crowd wide-pan.
  • Oprah without makeup
  • Jesse Jackson's change of heart
The next four years should make conservative blogging fun again!

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