Wednesday, September 21, 2005

For Ryan

Ryan, a cow-orker (*) asked me to write about him. Everybody wants their name in lights these days. :)

He said that I could say that I'm working on converting him, because he's full of sin and evil.

True, I am working on showing him the fullness of truth in the Catholic Church. True, he is full of sin and evil.

So am I though - I'm under no illusions about my own fallen state.

But God loved me enough to woo me in, and his love for Ryan is no less.

That's the main reason I keep this blog: I want other Protestants out there to know that I have found a deeper truth. I was no lukewarm Christian, either. I prayed and read the Bible every day, I tithed at church, I went to Bible College, I evangelized my peers, I walked the walk and talked the talk.

I felt enormously cheated when I found out that I had been living an incomplete variation on an ancient faith. This variation was historically recent and blind in one eye, with a passively aggressive attitude towards Rome. We "protest," after all. We must be angry about something.

Not that the criticisms of the Reformation era were invalid, but the devil sure ran with them to chop up the Church.

And so I blog on - for Ryan, and anybody else who is directed to this site through the workings of Google or the Holy Spirit.

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  1. Through the workings of Google or the Holy Spirit :) Guess there's one domain that the Google empire hasn't expanded to yet...


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