Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hallowe'en Candy Takers, Spreadsheet Style

Below is a breakdown of who came to my door tonight asking for a trick or a treat. Surprisingly, none of them were willing to see me do a trick, all opting for the treat instead.

I asked everybody, when it wasn't obvious, what they were dressed up as.

Costume Type Quantity Specifics
Black Magic 12 Witch, Warlock
Animals 11 Ladybug, Lion, Dinosaur, Monkey, Leopard, Tiger, Dog, Bear, Bee
Undead 9 Vampire, Zombie
Supernatural Beings 7 Angel, Devil, Grim Reaper
Superheros & Cartoon Characters 7 Spiderman, Shrek, Scooby Doo
No Effort 7
Clowns 6
Pop Culture 5 Alice Cooper, Scream, Anakin Skywalker, McDonald's Employee, Jason
Historical Figures 3 60's Girl, Knight, Island Girl
Far East Characters 3 Ninja, Chinese Woman
Criminals 3 Murderer, Robber
Royalty 2 Princess, Queen Elizabeth
Not Clever Enough For a Real Idea 1 “Your Worst Nightmare” (yeah, I don't get that one either)
Endangered Species 1 Vancouver Canucks fan
Unknown 1 (really, that's what he said: "I don't know."
Career 1 Scientist*

*I gave the scientist four times the amount of candy anybody else got. GO SCIENCE!


  1. Well, that makes no sense. Why would a Catholic support the scientist, when Catholicism directly contradicts that which the scientist has to offer (namely, the truth)?

  2. *Sigh*... if you only knew the Truth. Science & faith need not contradict each other. In fact, they can't - truth is truth, whether it be about molecular matrices or the nature of the soul.


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