Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Private Revelation

Many of you know of our miscarriage a few years ago, and our decision to name the lost baby Rachel. To get caught up, click here.

During a recent time of deep prayer, I sensed my little Rachel come up to me and snuggle into my arms. She looked up at me with her bright eyes and said, "Daddy, there's so many kids in heaven! Everybody's a kid, even your grandpa!" The tone was one of excitement and eagerness for me to join her, and yet there was an element of patience & perseverance, as if she knew I had some time to go through first.

Obviously this can't be taken as doctrinal truth, but it rings true to a certain extent. The Church tells us that unless we acquire the heart of a child, we cannot enter the kingdom of God. So if we can only truly approach Jesus once we've given up all our smarts and our worries and our tough-guy exteriors - all barriers that children know none of - then it stands to reason that we'll be restored to that child-like state in his eternal presence in paradise.

Lord, help me be like that more and more on this earth.

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