Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ephiphany Prayer

On this day we commemorate the visit of the wise men from the East to our Lord.

There is much we do not know about the specific historical facts of that visit. Were there only three kings? Which exact part of the world did they hail from? Did they bring a fourth gift of fine cheeses?

But one thing is clear: they had a burning desire to meet this mysterious new king, born in so humble surroundings. A sign appeared in the sky to guide them to him, and they left their homes and their duties to embark on this long (and some probably cautioned them it was a fool's errand) journey.

The sign finally led them to this baby boy, yet they found themselves wrapped up in the petty politics of the local despot. Yet they remained loyal to what they knew to be true: this child was something special.

May all my readers develop as keen a hunger; may your fervour for our Lord not be swayed by the pressures of the world around you; may his mother Mary be the light that guides you to him.

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