Saturday, February 03, 2007


It was only recently that I discovered that the hated Toronto Maple Leafs' team logo is actually a maple leaf (which makes sense, in retrospect). For the longest time I thought it was a blur, as in the image I edited below.

I must confess, the act of blurring the supposed maple leaf on that jersey was a challenging task, as even as I applied the blurring tool in my photo editor, all I saw on the original was a blur. So I don't really know if I got it all:

It never really occurred to me that watching a Leafs' game revealed the same visual effect as an episode of Survivor when somebody's bikini slips off or when a streaker runs through a football field.

As an Ottawa Senators fan I am biologically predisposed to despise the Blue & White - it's not something I can control. So I sought medical help, and got a referral to a specialist. The ophthalmologist tells me that the condition - which is known as Ocular Foliacontemnosis (meaning leaf-hating eye) - isn't serious and shouldn't limit my ability to lead a normal life.

Unless Toronto's traffic lights are shaped like maple leaves too... that could cause some chaos should I ever feel a need to visit there.


  1. Great game Saturday!

    Although allowing the Sens to get a point out of it was not so great, there is nothing more satisfying then when the leafs beat the Sens. Accept I guess when its in the playoffs and the win finishes the Sens season.

    I'm sure that this blur that you experience is just the result of the leafs continually blowing past the Sens into the next round of the playoffs every year they meet.

    I do have to admit that Emery looks pretty strong, and that if he keeps it up you guys might have better results, however you still better hope that you don't meet the leafs in the post season, cause we all know how that would end.


  2. Don't make me delete your comment, dude. No Sens bashing allowed on my blog. }-(

  3. So what happens when you look at a maple tree (during the summer, that is)

  4. Maple trees look fine, as does our Canadian flag. It's only when it's associated with the Trawna blur & white that it happens. Weird, I know.

  5. You know, that first comment was written like a true Leafs fan. Seriously, buddy, do you know proper English? I guess the Leafs are so desparate for fans that they'll take ANYBODY.

  6. Awesome!!! GO SENS GO----were going to the playoffs!! and i want to meet the leafs in the playoffs---our sens will succeed!!!! GO SENS GO


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