Saturday, February 24, 2007


What's the best solution for a tired 8-month pregnant wife who can't sleep well at night because her husband snores?

Why, ship her off to her parents' house, of course! That's what's going on in our family tonight.

No, there was no big blowout fight that drove her away. I seriously just wanted her to have a peaceful night's sleep, and it's my honest pleasure to give her that opportunity.

But now I'm home alone, the kids are tucked in bed, the Senators have already won their hockey game tonight, there's nothing good on TV, and it's Lent.

In other words, the situation is primed for temptation. Lust, my old nemesis, is as wily as ever, and perhaps moreso during Lent - the season of sacrifice and penance. Jesus was tempted during his 40 days; it stands to reason that I will be too. The internet is wide open, and there's no pesky wife peeking over my shoulder to make sure I'm not cybercheating.

So I blog. I make my struggle public this night and invite all my readers to ask me a follow-up question the next time you comment, see me, or phone me.

Heh heh. That's a pretty neat idea. This internet thing can be used both ways.

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