Monday, October 15, 2007

Good Morning

I've been working the dreaded closing shift, which lasts until 2:00 AM, for the last few days. Last night (aka yesterday morning) I came home and cleared my head for a bit, then crawled into bed around 4:30 AM.

At 8:30 I awoke to my 7-year old daughter leaning over my face, chirping, "Daddy, wake up! We made you breakfast in bed!"

I pulled myself into a sitting position and blinked away the sleepiness as she lovingly placed a Teflon cookie sheet on my lap. On this makeshift tray was one of the kids' oversized Disney Princess plates with two pieces of (cold) peanut butter toast on it, and a large plastic tumbler of water.

My 5-year old daughter repeated this for my wife, except that she got jam on her toast and milk in her tumbler.

They stayed and watched us eat and drink and returned the trays to the kitchen when we finished and let us go back to sleep after.

Understand that this was far from the most elaborate breakfast I've ever had, but by George it was probably the most delicious one ever. I think I've got some good kids.

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