Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Of Horses & Rider Pride

It's a little known fact that some horses love the taste of car paint. I think it has something to do with not having enough zinc in their diets and finding it in the either the paint itself or the protective coating on the car's body applied prior to painting.

My dad's truck, which for a time was frequently in the company of horses, received countless teeth-scrapings by the zinc-starved equines, which exposed a lot of the bare metal underneath.

The truck, while not a beater by any means, has almost 300,000 KM on it. It is a rear-wheel drive long-bed, and it's fifteen years old at least. In short, it has little to no re-sale value for the Saskatchewan ruralite (he's had a For Sale sign in the window for the past nine years).

He was in a playful mood the other day and decided that he'd demonstrate some of that German ingenuity and efficiency by both repairing the paint job and cheering on the Green & White (12/5/0 so far this season).

Let me state for the record that yes, while I live in Winnipeg, I am not a die-hard Blue Bomber fan. Being a son of Saskatchewan, I have an inbred (is that the right word?) need to cheer for the Riders when the two teams meet. Ultimately, however, I am somewhat indifferent to football, being more of a stick-and-puck sort of guy. GO SENS GO!

But my dad's paint job is pretty impressive, seeing as he's never done a lick of creative painting before in his life, and all he used was canned spray paint.

I wish I had a "before" picture, but I don't. You'll have to trust me: the hood was about 25% grey before he did this:

Good job Dad! You'll turn a lot more heads on your trips into Regina now than you ever did.

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