Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hockey Lives Here

Tonight gives me two good reasons to continue to cheer for the Ottawa Senators: First - they finally snapped their historic losing streak by defeating the - ahem - "mighty" Florida Panthers 5-4.

But second, their wives & girlfriends - known officially as "Sens Better Halves" - will be donating proceeds from their Christmas fund raiser to the Ottawa based First Place Pregnancy Centre, a pro-life counseling centre which leaves the hideous option of abortion off the table.

Heather Mallick, a CBC columnist, takes issue with the donation. Her opinion is really no big surprise, I mean, it's not like the CBC is teeming with pro-lifers. She is full of petty spout-offs like how the FPPC and its ilk have websites "designed to appeal to teenage girls, lots of advice about boys — giggle — and sites on MySpace. They take great care to look like kindly counselling centres. In fact, they exist solely to prevent abortion." Oh, the horror of it all! A group of people who work together to prevent the murder of innocents! We share your outrage, Heather. And your patronizing attitude. Puh-tooey.

It wouldn't take a lot of changes to make that exact phrase refer to what a Planned Parenthood website does - just change "prevent" to "encourage" and WHAMMO you're done.

But the real kicker of her piece is this: "Revenue Canada tells me that First Place is not a registered charity."

Read to the end of her tirade, and you'll see that her editor has added this: "Editor's note: Ms. Mallick clearly states that Revenue Canada told her First Place is not a registered charity. Links on the website's donation section show that it operates under a different name as a registered charity: Crisis Pregnancy Centre of Ottawa, registered as number 890251382RR0001."

That's real sloppy, Ms. Mallick. You're caught in that questionable void between a real journalist and a dedicated blogger: Both check their facts, and try to avoid tainting their writings with a closed mind. You did neither. Shame.

I strongly encourage all my readers to let the Sens and their Better Halves know how positively you view their choice of this charity. Follow this link for their Contact Form.

[UPDATE 12/7/07 09:33 - it seems the Better Halves have removed the FPPC from their list of recipients of the money... investigating...]

[UPDATE #2 - 12/7/23:34 - According to FPPC, they voluntarily withdrew their name from the list of recipients. A tough call, to be sure. If you want to support them in their mission, please donate.]


  1. I checked the link and First Place isn't listed there. "The Sens Better Halves have selected Kids Help Phone Ottawa, Harmony House, and Roger's House to benefit from funds raised by the raffle." Might they have changed their choice? Looks like they clasped under media pressure. Thanks for the information.

  2. Looks like it was First Place who responded to the media pressure (in a rather selfless manner, I might add). According to the CBC website:

    'December 6, 2007 (Ottawa) - Today Terri Mazik, Executive Director of First Place Pregnancy Centre, issued the following statement:

    "First Place recognizes the incredible work and generosity of The Better Halves and The Sens Foundation. However, we do not wish to interfere in even the most indirect way with the Foundation’s positive image and valuable contribution to our community. We also want to extend our support for the other worthy charities Therefore, it is with the best interest of The Foundation in mind that First Place Pregnancy Centre voluntarily withdraws from participating in the Christmas Tree Raffle.

    First Place is a successful organization that has been the recipient of tremendous support from the community at large since 1992. We will continue to rely on the generosity of our donors in order that we may focus on the work that is so important to us-serving women, men, and families facing unplanned pregnancies.

    We trust the Christmas Tree Raffle will be a tremendous success and we offer our congratulations to the recipient charities. What a beautiful and well deserved Christmas gift!" '

    Go Sens Go!


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