Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Swords Up!

Back in my private Christian school days, our pastor used to hold "sword drills." He'd start by saying, "Swords up!" and we'd all raise our Bibles over our heads. Then he'd shout out a Scripture reference, like "John 4:18." The first student to find the passage would stand up and read it. It was great practice at getting to know the Bible.

Well, people, swords up!

Take a look at this advice column in the Toronto Star, entitled, "Don't look to the Good Book for advice about sexual ethics."

The question, raised by a parent confused as to how to impart Christian sexual ethics to a 14 year old daughter, is how to back up a ban on pre-marital sex using Scripture (my first tip to this parent: don't ask the Toronto Star about how to follow the Christian faith).

The response, by Ken Gallinger, is that the Bible does not have such a ban, but instead claims that Scripture speaks instead of the "trust, fidelity, respect and mutuality that must be present for human relationships to be happy." He also claims that Jesus himself "couldn't care less about premarital sex." (ahem... see John 4:18)

Ken is kind enough to include an email address for further questions. Shall we enlighten him about what Scripture really says?

This, by the way, is why Sola Scriptura was a bad idea. See Acts 9:31.

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