Monday, June 02, 2008


Yes, I've been to Cork, Ireland (I loved the cathedrals in that area), but that's not the subject of this post.

Nor am I writing about the fascinating science behind the harvesting and utilization of cork (from Quercus suber) to seal wine bottles.

Instead, I wish to rant about yet another intrusion into the dignity of man. And I do mean man.

Popular Science is waxing enthusiastically about the future of male contraception. One of the new methods will be a small plug medically inserted at the mouth of the vas deferens, which essentially bars the door so sperm cannot get out. If you check out the photo gallery in that link, you'll see the cutest little graphic which helps us get the idea:

According to the article, over half of men surveyed are willing to assume the gift of infertility, presumably out of undying love for the women in their lives.

Now perhaps I'll offend some of my more sensible readers by saying this, but I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would purposefully cause a fully functional body part to stop working. Especially when there is a safer, better, and morally sound alternative. Any man who pursues infertility is doing it for one reason and one reason alone: consequence-free sex.

Some may wonder how this alternative, known as Natural Family Planning, is any different from an artificial method, since, when one is seeking to avoid pregnancy, the end result is the same. But we must remember that ends do not justify means. The methods we use matter.

So despite the exciting new technology, artificial male contraception is just as scandalous and selfish as the female variety, if not moreso - for men are already, by their impregnable nature, more able to walk away from the byproducts of sex. Women, if you have any sense, you'll forbid your man from indulging himself in this demeaning act of self-mutilation.

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