Tuesday, November 02, 2010

My Ten Favourite Christian Songs: 4/10

Rich Mullins was an icon and trendsetter in the Christian music scene.  He was killed in a tragic car accident in 1997.  I have a special affinity for him because he too was drawn to the Catholic Church after a lifetime of living as an evangelical Christian, although his death interrupted the formal completion of his journey to Rome.

As with many of my favourite musicians, there are a host of songs I could reference.  But I'm going to go with Sometimes By Step, as there is one lyric within it that really resonates with me.

Sometimes I think of Abraham
How one star he saw was lit for me
He was a stranger in this land
And I am that no less than he...


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  1. I agree with you about Rich Mullins for the same reasons, as I am also a former evangelical Christian who converted to the Catholic Church. I admire the quality of his musicianship, especially when it seemed like a lot of contemporary Christian music sounded like secular pop, and his honesty. I still like listening to Rich Mullins.

    My favourite lyrics come from Hold Me Jesus, which sums up what I feel like at times in my spiritual journey...

    Surrender don't come natural to me
    I'd rather fight You for something
    I don't really want
    Than to take what You give that I need


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