Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shelley Glover and the Clerical Error


Today I received three emails from Michel Trudel, an office staff member for my Member of Parliament, Shelley Glover.

The first email was a newsletter.  Nothing unusual there.

The second email was a note saying that "Please note that I have made a mistake on sending out old versions of the E-Newsletter. Please see the attached for correct copies.  Sorry for the any problems or confusing I have caused. Thanks."  There's some poor grammar there, but that's par for the course with emails these days [disappointed sigh].

And yes indeed, the updated version of the newsletter has been tweaked a bit.  Again, I would normally not have an issue at this point.

The third email, however, demonstrated a lack of technical competence on the part of the user.  The contents said merely,

Glover, Shelly - Assistant 2 would like to recall the message, "".

The worst part is that the third message was addressed - non-BCC - to all of Shelley Glover's newsletter subscribers - 1181 of them, to be precise.  An unscrupulous subscriber could really go to town with that list, and it's likely that somewhere in that 1181 there are a few spies for political & ideological opponents.

I've deleted that message from my inbox.

But first, for fun I whipped up a chart showing which email providers her subscribers use.

I've voted for Shelley Glover, and I've got nothing against Michel Trudel. I certainly hope he learns a lesson here.

What do you think?  Is an error like this in a federal official's office worth dismissal?

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