Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Transformations #40: Biking To Work

My steadfast readers will recall that I've been eating differently, starting back in November 2010.

I've stuck to it and have seen the pounds drop off - 46 lb lost, at my last weigh-in.

In addition to the new eating plan, I've recently added some exercise to my life (yes - every pound I've lost, except for the very last measurement, is due strictly to the change in my diet).  Now that summer's finally here I've also decided not to buy bus passes for the next few months, until the weather turns cool.  Instead I'll be taking my bicycle to work.  Credit goes to our local Bike To Work Day, back on June 24, to get me kick-started in this.  So far it's been great - it actually takes me less time than the bus ride takes, and I really enjoy not being bound by schedules, surrounded by smelly people, or stuck in traffic.

I'll also save the $76 monthly bus pass cost (although I do get about $11 of that back at income tax time), over what I expect will be the next three months.

Knowing that I've accomplished so much is a huge boost to my confidence too.

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