Tuesday, February 07, 2006

David Emerson

Some may wonder what my thoughts are on the defection of David Emerson to the Tories.

I'm kinda indifferent. But I've always thought that there is a grain of truth to be found in anagrams.

For instance, my employer, which is terrified of us lowly peons bringing in a union, recently changed the company motto. If you're clever, you can figure it out by this anagram (punctuation added): "I oughtn't dig union? Ok."

Now for "David Emerson" there are a host of possibilities.

For instance, when asked if this an example of same-old-same-old politics, Emerson referred to the move as "a devised norm."

Alternate terms for crossing the floor are "meanders void" or "medians roved."

When asked why he switched he replied, "Served domain." Several of his former Liberal colleagues were asked what they felt his eternal judgment would be and responded, "Move is darned." But Emerson rebutted, claiming he "did earn moves."

Several blogs have posited that it's all part of a conspiracy. "Mason derived," they cried. One headline called him a "Red Dive Mason."

Several key Conservatives were cautious, saying there were going into "invaders mode." Some warned Prime Minister Harper not to trust Emerson too much, saying he could be an "advisor demon."

This was all recorded in a massive MPEG file, which I would host here, but I don't have the capacity. Please, "send video RAM."


  1. cross the floor = COHORT FOR LESS

  2. Gun Registry = Grits Gurney

  3. Emmerson said he was going to be Harpers' worst nightmare. Maybe Harper believes in " keep your friends close but your enemies closer".


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