Sunday, February 05, 2006

Liberal Arrogance, Redux Redux Redux Ad Infinitum

Yeesh - even after being blown out of the electoral water by the HMCS Conservative, the Liberals still have the gall to thank one last crony. The second last day of Paul Martin's term as Prime Minister in Canada, and what does he do? Like a dying villain at the end of a cheesy movie, he spits in the face of the hero:
In one of its last actions before transferring power, the Liberal government has agreed to pay David Dingwall $417,780 in compensation for his dismissal as head of the Royal Canadian Mint.
When the two sides couldn't agree on a figure, they sent the matter to an independent third party.

And what choice does Stephen Harper - do Canadians - have, but to wipe it off and bury the scoundrel?

None, really. What else could we expect from this Liberal party?

Granted, the payout was arbitrated by a third party. And I wouldn't dare suggest that there should be no such thing as compensation for sudden termination.

But ya gotta wonder, for a party that just got caned politically, shouldn't they maybe take Dingwall aside and say, "Hey buddy, I know the arbitrator ruled in your favour, and I know you're entitled to your entitlements, but could you maybe rescind your claim and take one for the team here? This ain't the best time for us to look like jerks. We got a serious desert to cross."

Maybe somebody did, and Dingwall said no. I doubt it - you'd think they'd have let us know by now if they had tried to take the high road on their way out of Dodge.

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