Friday, April 13, 2007

Caption Contest

This photo was taken during our family's Easter Egg hunt on Sunday. It almost didn't happen, what with our new baby and all, but there's no way we could have made our kids understand, so we went ahead with it.

Put your captions in the comments. My initial ideas are:

"Come on, Dutch genes, now would be a good time to spurt!"
"Hail the egg, giver of Chicken McNuggets!"

Have fun. :)


  1. You know your child needs glasses when they start answering questions from the tree.

  2. High five eggy!

  3. Maybe if I stand here long enough with my hand out, the egg will just float right to me...

  4. The force is strong with this one...

    (C'mon. You know that's the winner right there...)

  5. After the mistake of making himself the subject of a caption contest, James wisely opts to use a picture much less likely to injure his pride...

  6. three ellipses...

    (that's not a caption, BTW...)

  7. so who wins? or do we need to try harder?


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