Monday, April 09, 2007

O Happy Octave


Seasons come and go; emotions rise and fall. Today, Easter Sunday - for as Catholics we celebrate Easter Sunday for a full eight days, from Easter Sunday through the week including the next Sunday - I am so filled with peace and happiness that were I spontaneously to explode, my remnants would be a million roses.

For not only have I a precious new life dwelling under my roof (an oxygen-breathing life, that is, as opposed to her previous state of umbilical sustenance), but my Lord is risen!

Laudate dominum, omnes gentes! Praise the Lord, all peoples! Alleluia!

I'm sure that my emotional state won't last, but while it does I will enjoy it. I'm about to get very very tired, and there will be a lot to overcome in the next while, but for today all is well, and I rejoice.

Death is dead, my hope is fulfilled, my joy is complete. Bless the Lord, O my soul.

UPDATE: I just discovered that the meaning of "Abigail" - which we picked before knowing this - is "Father in rejoicing." Neat-o.

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