Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One Square

Women obviously have an easy time of it.

Specifically, I mean Cheryl Crow, and more specifically, when she goes to the bathroom. As a dude, a #1 job requires no toilet paper. #2 however, can often result in what we in our home term "a never-ending wipe."

For those of you unfamiliar with the story, the singer has proposed, in an effort to save the planet, that everybody restricts himself or herself to one square of toilet paper per sitting. This will result in the cutting down of fewer trees (so squirrels have a place to call home) and will thus produce more oxygen, on which as Crow so helpfully explains, "we heavily rely."

Now, I'm all for reduced consumption and living a lifestyle in sync with the rhythm of the planet. The Conservatree website has a much more detailed description of the point that Crow is trying to make. They state that only about 40% of any variety of tissue paper contains any recycled content. The biggest marketing campaigns for toilet paper are for the 100% so-called "virgin paper" varieties. I honestly have no idea where my own brand stands in that disparity.

But one square? Does anybody else think that's unrealistic?


  1. I agree that one square is a ridiculously small amount of toilet paper to restrict people to per sitting. I need atleast 4 if I choose to blow my nose with toilet paper, don't ask me how many are required when wiping myself!

  2. Are you kidding me??? One square? I use 4 sqaures as a warm up! Then I break out in a sweat with the serious wiping! All I have to say is "Send the police to my house because that is one law that I would never conform to!" - unless they come out with substantially bigger sheets of toilet paper!

    - Bart


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