Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Second Annual Report on Hallowe'en Candy Takers, Spreadsheet Style

I did this last year too, where I kept track of my Hallowe'en visitors. This year I've grouped the categories a little more closely.

Caterogy Quantity Notables
Fictional & Entertainment Characters 39 Harry Potter, Shrek, Optimus Prime, Brent from Corner Gas
Fantasy/Undead/Supernatural 39 Zombie, troll, witch, angel, devil, vampire, skeleton
Real People & Animals 17 Cat, ladybug, construction worker, ballerina, doctor
No Effort 5 Kids sure are lazy these days
Food 2 Salt Shaker, Box of Popcorn
Total 102

Last year we had 79 visitors; this year 102. I noticed a lot more vehicles escorting their children around this year.

The single most popular costume was that of the zombie (7) followed by the witch, vampire, and "no effort" all with 5.

The most impressive ones were the box of popcorn and the salt shaker - and they weren't even together.

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