Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Who Can Battle With the Lord?

I learned a Nigerian worship song by that title tonight: quite a catchy tune. I listened to it and meditated on its words:

Who can battle with the Lord?
Who can battle with the Lord?
Who can battle with the Lord?
I say nobody.

Yeah, it's pretty simple. But I was struck by the answer to the question, for on one hand it is a statement of security and protection under the Almighty, and on the other hand, it's a testament to being unable to reconcile my selfish desires with God's plan for my life. Much like my etymological namesake, Jacob (of Genesis 32:25-31 fame), I frequently wrestle with God. Well, maybe not "much like" as for me it's not a physical match where he tweaks my sciatic muscle and causes me to lose the fight. My struggle against my carnal urges is really a battle of my corrupt will versus my sanctified will.

Some days are better than others - sometimes my foe takes a cheap shot and I'm crippled, other days I gain the upper hand and drive him into the sea like an Irish serpent. I'm at a crucial point in my spiritual growth, and he doesn't like it and is scrapping harder than ever.

All the more reason to put the fight into God's hands, for who can battle the Lord?

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  1. hahahhahahha, i am Nigerian and i just learnt the song yesterday hahaha.


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