Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Transformations #10

Yesterday we did something I haven't done in nearly twenty years - as a family, we planted a garden.  If you've seen our yard and the constant traffic of kids we have through the only sunny portion of it, you may wonder how we're doing this.

Answer: a protestant church down the street has a community garden, and we booked a 5' x 10' plot.  It's a start; a confidence booster for us, but especially for my wife who I don't think was ever put through the gardening paces like my mom did for me.

So hopefully come the fall, we'll be able to enjoy a meager bounty of peas, carrots, beans, beets, basil, and oregano.  Better food, less cost, and a formative activity for my family to head down there every few days to deny the weeds the fruits (and vegetables) of our labour.


  1. I know of a protestant family with 5 acres that if things go well this year with your garden you might want to use next year.

  2. Do they live within walking distance?


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