Sunday, April 09, 2006

Oddly Enough

In our congregation this morning, when we heard the long Gospel reading of the Passion of Jesus, we didn't erupt in rage at the "lies" told about Judas' betrayal. Yeah, that Gospel of Judas is really gonna shake up the foundation of Christianity. At least, for the Sola Scriptura crowd who can't come up with a reason not to include it in the canon.

And have I ever got a dilemma. My beloved Ottawa Senators are playing the insidious Toronto Maple Leafs this Saturday, which today I suddenly realized is Holy Saturday. I'll be at the Easter Vigil.

This is a big sacrifice for me. We have farmer vision (an antenna) instead of cable TV, and are forced to watch Leafs games every Saturday night because the CBC bigwigs from Hockey Night In Canada think that's what the rest of Canada wants to see. For the later game, the CBC will rotate coverage among the three western Canadian teams. So they only way I can watch my Sens play is if they're playing Toronto (or less often, the Canucks, Oilers, or Flames).

Thus this Saturday is my last chance to catch the Sens in regular season action before the playoffs. And I'll be at the Easter Vigil.

Oh well. At least it won't be in the playoffs. But I'll still be missing at least one game while on TEC for the May long weekend.

Plus, sacrifice is part of Lent, even in its last moments.

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