Sunday, April 16, 2006

This Is The Day The Lord Has Made

Let us rejoice and be exceedingly glad!

Sure, the Senators didn't beat the Leafs last night, but due to the quirks of the other games played last night, the Leafs cannot now make the playoffs. So that's always a nice feeling for a rabid Sens fan like myself.

My wife went out this morning and picked up some THC (Tim Horton's Coffee) and some Timbits.

My girls are exceedingly cute in their Easter dresses, and you can bet they know it. They waltzed into our room this morning and sang the Allelulia for us, having waited all of Lent to do so.

We keep a handheld electronic poker game in our bathroom, and as I played it this morning, I was dealt - for the first time ever, in real or fake poker - a straight flush, Ace through 5 of diamonds.

Christ has risen. All is right with the world. All that is wrong with the world has been defeated. All is right with the world!

If the Leafs had through some mathematical impossibility eliminated the Senators from the playoffs last night, all would still be right with the world.

If my wife had put salt in my coffee (a prank I played on her quite recently), all would be right with the world.

If my girls had stumbled into our room still in their pajamas, singing "New York, New York," all would be right with the world.

If I had been dealt Ace through 4 of diamonds and an 8 of clubs, all would be right with the world.

For Christ has risen. The dawn from on high has broken upon us. I have been saved from my sin!




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