Wednesday, June 21, 2006

One, Two, Three, Four, Eleven, Twelve -- Wait A Second!


A Senate report is to recommend CBC-TV become completely commercial-free and that Ottawa boost CBC funding to make up for the loss of ad revenue.


It will recommend boosting CBC's annual $1-billion budget to make it possible to get rid of ads, CBC has learned. The public broadcaster takes in about $400 million in ad revenue.

Ok, hang on a second here. The CBC gets $1,000,000,000 dollars already, and rakes in an additional $400,000,000 through ads. The Senate is recommending that the CBC ceases showing any advertisements, thus forfeiting the 400 mil.

See how the CBC makes a leap to the next point though? The report is to recommend "that Ottawa boost CBC funding to make up for the loss of ad revenue."

The folks over at CTV, however, spin it a different way:

The recommendation of the report, released Wednesday, would likely require a major funding increase to cover the $400 million in advertising revenue that would be lost if the CBC stopped running ads.

The CBC's annual budget is already close to $1 billion.

So the Senate report doesn't actually call on the taxpayers to fill the gap? It would seem not. That presumptive conclusion is a logical leap for the CBC, however.

In the immortal words of the farmer: "Martha, grab the forceps! This here danged calf won't let go of his momma's teat!"

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