Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wednesday Nights

For those of you who are in/near Winnipeg and didn'’t hear that the Wednesday Night Prayer Meetings are ceasing for the summer break, now you know.

But! I want to make sure you are aware of the follow-up announcement.

We are hosting, in our living room, the Wednesday Night Summer Prayer Meetings. The first one, barring the unforeseeable, will be June 28. We'll get things started around 7:30 PM.

If you don't know where our house is, feel free to email me.

Now, for those of my readers who are out of province (such as my huge following in Mandalay, Burma) (ok, yeah, I jest), the WNPM (and the WNSPM) is an opportunity for teens and young adults to share in a Catholic worship experience. At this point I don't know if any priests are coming, so I can't say if any sacraments will be celebrated, except for the one my wife and I constantly live: matrimony. We start with singing some praise & worship music, then comes a time of open prayer, and then we listen to a talk from the evening'’s speaker (I've heard they're trying to bring in Francis Cardinal Arinze, but that could just be rumours). Finally, as in any good time of fellowship, we EAT.

I'’ve become comfortable enough with my guitar to lead worship, so if you don'’t mind a few poorly fingered bar cords, I invite all who will be present to sing along. And bring your own instruments to help drown out my mistakes! We have a piano, so if you can play, bring your hands along with you.

We will have songbooks available for everybody which will include many of our old favorites, and also some of the songs I've collected over the years. Make sure you eat some fatty acids, as you'll need to do some learnin'!

And to ensure this all goes well, I especially ask for your prayers as we take this venture on for the summer.


  1. I forgot to mention one thing: we'll be doing a special something to end the evening which you won't want to miss...

  2. Ooh. Ooh. Does it involve laser chess, and/or the complete 4th season of "Enterprise"?

  3. Yeah, right... "anonymous."

  4. Apparently I wasn't too far off the mark... "Endor" :P


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