Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pope-eye The Fisher-man

The Catholic Church is like spinach.

It's nourishing, healthy, and satisfying. Some people can't stomach it, much to their own detriment. Some people call it boring, bland, or tasteless.

But add a little salt, and if it's cooked just right (Mk 9:48,49) ... you'll have a delectable dish that not even Brutus could reject.

So if Catholics are spinach, what are Protestants?

My own Protestant experience was a light and fluffy one. Its sweetness was appealing for a while, but I soon had too much of it. And ultimately, it had a big gaping hole in its very center.

Protestants are like donuts.

I can understand the appeal, but it won't be long before you want something a little more... nourishing.

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