Sunday, July 30, 2006


Poor, sorry Britain.

That percentage reflects the number of babies aborted (at least 187,499) in Britain & Wales in 2005.

British women had 645,835 live births last year - amounting to a 1.8 Total Fertility Rate per woman (TFR). Basic demographics state that for a nation's population to grow, the TFR needs to be 2.1.

When you add the number of abortions, the TFR was actually 2.3 children per woman. But abortion is kinking the hose of British population growth. Except for the Muslims.

I sure hope the Superman wasn't among those aborted.


  1. I am sorry to say James, but sometimes abortion is the right decision. Instead of putting a child who is innocent in all ways, through the torture and pain of a bad life, i think abortion is a fine choice. No one should judge that of which they dont know. Just a thought.

  2. Anonymous:

    My response warrants a post of its own. See above.


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