Monday, July 10, 2006


Oh, man, I love marriage. Gerald and Dana, very good friends of ours, were married this last weekend, and wow did I dance my heart out. I love dancing at good Catholic weddings!

And for those of you who were there, no, I didn't have anything to drink. That's how I always dance at weddings I'm excited about.

As I write this, I'm pressed for time as I'm about to take my wife to a fancy schmancy restaurant to celebrate our own anniversary: 7 years of sacramental joy today! We, however, have not been together as long as the aforementioned couple (yeah, I know, that's crazy).

Our two eldest daughters were flower girls at the wedding. I think that's why Gerald and Dana waited so long to tie the knot: they saw us hooking up and thought to themselves, "Now that's a genetic combination that oughtta produce some pretty fine flower girls - we'll wait for them."

Ciao for now!

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  1. Good thing they weren't holding out for a ring bearer instead...


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