Tuesday, July 11, 2006


We had a very nice dinner for our seventh wedding anniversary, but I ate too much. I had BBQ back ribs (yummy), mashed potatoes, Caesar salad, whole-grain rice, a whackload of green beans, and then finished it off with a slice of blueberry & poppy seed cake.

About 2/3 of the way into dessert, I was feeling the impact of the previously ingested food and was quickly approaching maximum capacity. I looked at my piece of cake and it looked back at me. "You can't win," it gloated. "I'm too much for you. You'll have to leave me on the plate."

I've never been one to ignore a challenge from a piece of cake. I showed it who was the boss. An incentivating (yes, that's not a word, I know - but you know exactly what I mean by it, don't you?) factor was the price of the cake: $5.50. Yeah, like I'm gonna let any of that go to waste. So I shoved it in.


Some months back there was a news report of a growing problem of people releasing their overgrown pet pythons into the wilds of the Florida Everglades. This has caused a bit of a concern for biologists, as the python isn't native to North America and its impact on the local ecosystem was unknowable. They hoped that the local alligator population would be able to keep the pythons in check, as the alligators are at the top of the local food chain in the Everglades.

However, someone stumbled across this scene:

Seems the two species are rather deadlocked for the top spot down there.

That unfortunate posture is what I was afraid of. That cake was clawing away at my insides and was not about to give up after being swallowed.

In the end, I didn't burst, and the wife and I enjoyed a very pleasant remainder of the evening.

Just please don't poke my belly for the next 24 hours or so.


  1. 24 hours??? Sigh... It always seems so much longer when you're the one that's missing out on the poking..

    Stare as I might, I still can't exactly figure out what's going on in that picture other than Python + Alligator = bloating + something sticking out of something. But I'll probably sleep better at night not knowing the exact details.

  2. The python swallowed the alligator, still alive, which they think kept digging and scratching away from the inside of the snake until it cut through, at which point there was no clear winner in the fight.

    Sweet dreams!

  3. In the words of Gillian.... "BLEEEEEEEEEUUUGH"

  4. Happy anniversary! Hope you have many many more.


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