Saturday, July 01, 2006

Miserable Mysteries

Lately I've been working several late evening shifts (off at 2 AM), and am fairly tired because thereof. I'm getting sick from the lack of sleep. My muscles are sore from yardwork. The wife and I are going through another one of the rough phases. My grandma has had a few organs fail on her and is hospitalized; this could be it for her. Also, my old nemesis is nibbling away at me.

So to help shore things up, I went to confession today. Our diocese just had a reorganization of its priests, and our new priest - Fr. "Bo" as he introduced himself (it's really Boguslaw) had the pleasure of me as his first confessee in his new parish, right prior to his first Mass there.

It's rather fortunate that I went to him when I did, for he didn't know how to unlock the church doors, or where the confessional was, or where our last pastor donned his robes, so I was able to give him a quick once-over before the sacrament was dispensed.

This was the first time I've ever been asked to pray a Chaplet of Divine Mercy for a penance. Cool. Gotta love those old Polish priests and their devotion to St. Faustina.

The confession itself put things in a whole new perspective for me. It's like I stopped plunging downward and started rising again. It's the sine wave of life.

So as much as I may still feel somewhat miserable, it's very comforting to know that, in reality, I'm not.


  1. Doogie ~ I hate those rough phases. That's where the graces from the sacrament of Matrimony come in. Also, your wedding ring is a sacramental. Don't forget that. It has helped me many a rough phase time. I will keep you in prayer as you fight the good fight. Blessings!


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