Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This Just In #6:*
Stephen Harper Endorses Killing Kittens

So I held a conference on the weekend in protest against the brutal act of putting kittens in blenders. Innumerable other people showed up [hehe], but although I invited Prime Minister Harper, he didn't attend.

I wondered why at first, but then I realized - he hates kittens.

I did some digging, and was astonished to find this picture:

Notice he's gesturing with his left hand, pointing away from what he's doing with his right hand:

Instead, he sent the Minster of Hugging Puppies to my conference. That was insulting.


  1. Haha. He also didn't show up to my "orange appreciation day" , which outs him as being staunchly anti-orange.

    In related news, one might wonder how you managed to come across a picture of a kitten in a blender...

  2. Oh James,

    I think this is a disturbing picture and if I didn't know you better on a professional level, I dont what I would think. However, your blogs are quite intriguing to read. In case the spelling didn't give it away, this is Danielle. See you at work!

  3. Apparently I chose the right time to abandon my former anonymous-ness and settle on a username. Apparently everyone wants to be THE "anonymous".

    The former "Anonymous"

  4. That is an awesome pic.

    I photoshopped (MSPaint'ed actually) that famous Domokun picture at work and replaced it with:

    "Everytime you statically map a drive
    God kills a kitten.
    Please think of the kittens."

    (aka Annonymous Ian)


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