Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Conservative on Conservation

This picture makes me smirk.

Manitoba Hydro has placed this billboard on St. Mary's Road here in Winnipeg. The propeller spins 24/7.

Makes me wonder how much energy that electric motor uses.

And then I see their TV ad featuring a species of sturgeon that's been around since the dinosaurs' time. Manitoba Hydro is taking steps to study this fish's habitat so as not to cause it to go extinct. A noble cause? Sure, I guess. Do I want my hydro rates artificially high so some grad students can build aquariums? Not really.


  1. Does the mill run on an electric motor or by wind eolien energy alone?

  2. This isn't a mill, it's just an ad that burns electricity to tell us how clean & energy efficient Hydro is.

  3. You state that you do not want your hydro rates artificially high? I might add that they are far from that. The energy rates in the province of Manitoba are artificially low. These extremely low rates allow the abusers of the system, abuser being defined as: large consumers using outdated and inneficient machinety who refuse to upgrade as the capital "payback" is non existant in terms their of dollars. These abusers benefit from Manitoba tax payer subsidized low energy rates. Just as a side note, the "windmill" on their add more than likely uses a fraction of the electricity that all the small electronics in your home consume in their off, or low power state, and guaranteed to use less than the light that lights the bill board at night.

  4. All good points, but I still don't see why our energy monopoly should advertise its services to me, regardless of the actual power the ads use. Are they afraid of losing me as a customer?

  5. Now there is an excellent point that I can surely agree with. The advertising campaign was requested by our NDP government, for what purpose? Maybe for potential use later during an election campaign?


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