Monday, March 12, 2007

Religion & War

A whitewashed communistic belief has resurfaced in Atlantic City.

The local paper is abuzz with a debate, via letters to the editor, that Christianity and all the monotheistic religions should be disappeared. Anthony D'Auria asks, "Who would deny that the sudden demise of the religions of Abraham today would result in instant peace and the eradication of biblical blood-letting?"

Mr. D'Auria is trying to rebuild modern society's respect for human dignity by first eradicating those who are the caretakers of that very message, and then erecting his new amoral (and yet somehow benevolent and altruistic) social order on top of their shallow graves.

Indeed, it has often been the wish of one side in a war that the other side would hurry up and lose so peace could ensue. There's nothing like wiping out the object of your hate to create a world full of love.

Yet this is where the sign of contradiction that Christ brought into the world makes immense sense: "Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you." For if we hate our enemies to the literal death, what will happen to our hate when they die? Hate does not vanish like incense; it sticks like tar. And it must always have somebody or something to stick to.

The only thing which can eradicate hatred in the heart is the love of God, received freely and with a sacrificial submission to what his love requests in return for its gift of salvation.

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