Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dissent, Dialogue, and %&$#@*!, II

Uncle Diogenes has more thoughts on the CRC than I managed to fit into my last post.

Specifically, he points out that the supposed 20,000 religious & clergy the CRC claims to speak for cannot be accurate if any of those members disagree with the letter. The group, while seeking more democracy from Rome, is hardly a beacon of democracy itself.

Also worth noting is that the Globe and Mail article which originally drew this to my attention (h/t Neale News) does state that Cardinals Marc Ouellet and Jean-Claude Turcotte "both played down the significance of the dissent, and Cardinal Turcotte said the Canadian church will never separate itself from mainstream Catholic teaching." So it sounds like at least these two bishops have got their heads on relatively straight.

But still, I encourage everybody to email/phone/write your bishop to ensure he knows that the dissenters aren't the only ones who want to have their say. Let him know that you're eager to see the Church stay the course.

Click here (ici) to find out who your local Canadian bishop is.

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