Saturday, May 27, 2006

Anonymonics Anonymous

(Try saying that five times fast!)

Recently the question has come up why I don't show my real name on my blog. I've revealed it to more than a few of my online contacts once I develop somewhat of a trust in them, but overall I've preferred to leave myself as a John Doe.

I had numerous reasons for this. Identity theft is a concern, as is the security of my family, should somebody somewhere someday be offended by one of my right vs. wrong posts. I'm also not too sure how much I'd want somebody just showing up on my doorstep one day, having done an amateur's search for my street address. And I think I don't want to give my potential future political foes any ammunition by being able to trace some of my more inflammatory statements back to the real me.

But I can't think of a single blogger (of my favorites anyway) who also maintains a veil of secrecy over his or her name. Few people out there are concerned about that revelation.

I think my chosen anonymity may stem from my difficulty with true communion with other people. I maintain my distance, so as not to be hurt. This is something I am really working on improving in my life. I'm trying to take more risks, to build more bridges, to remember more names.

So in that spirit I am no longer anonymous.

My name is James V. Kautz (you can still call me Doogie). And to make it easier for the identity thieves out there, my social insurance number is 646 745 149. My bank card PIN is 4378. My email password is "gringoes17."

Ok, so I'm not quite that stupid. But my name is James V. Kautz.

Pleased to meet you!

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