Monday, May 15, 2006

Lesson for Today

Today is the memorial of St. Isidore the Farmer. Right away that name's gotta grab you, eh?

From Catholic Forum:

Accused by fellow workers of shirking his duties by attending Mass each day, taking time out for prayers, etc., Isidore claimed he had no choice but to follow the highest Master. One tale says that when his master came in the morning to chastise him for skipping work for church, he found angels plowing the fields in place of Isidore.

Who says God isn't concerned with our earthly affairs? If he'll send angels to do our corporal work when we answer the call to do heavenly work, who can dare to say that God is a mere taker, who doesn't give us any real practical help in our lives?

Also interesting to note is the fact that he and his wife, Blessed Mary of Cabeza, "became convinced it was the will of God that they not have children, and they lived together chastely the rest of their lives, doing good works." This after having one child and losing him while he was still young.

It's easy to say they were merely afraid of losing future kids and that's why they didn't "come together again." But isn't it possible that they really heard the call of God here? Could Isidore and Mary be a source of hope and inspiration for Catholics in marriages where one spouse has AIDS and they must therefore abstain?

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