Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Hullabaloo over a Kerfuffle

So there's this movie I've heard of called "The Da Vinci Code" which apparently is based on the first book ever to slander Christianity, and it's got a bunch of my fellow Catholics in a frenzy.

Ok, sure, I can understand why some people are upset. Our "rights" have been trampled. "Diversity" is non-existent; would Hollywood ever produce a movie full of lies about the prophet Muhammad?

I saw puh-shaw. Big honking deal. This ain't the first time anybody has called Christianity a lie, and it won't be the last.

Regarding all the hubbub and protests, Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary has said, "Such action would certainly make great media headlines but it would only play into the hands of those who are designing the advertising and marketing strategy for the movie."

Duh. His Grace is on to something here, folks. Get a clue.

Besides, the movie doesn't even sound that great. According to Cannes Film Festival reviewer Igor Soukmanov of Unistar Radio in Belarus, "As a Hollywood movie, it's a very nice picture." Gee, Igor, and I bet the girl you took with you had "a very nice personality." Sounds like a veiled insult to me.

My point is, if you don't want this movie to do well, ignore it. Heck, even go see it. Maybe it'll be worth a laugh or two, like this movie which was so bad it had me in stitches.

And ultimately, don't act so surprised when the secular world attacks the Truth of our faith. It's what they do.


  1. I agree that the best course of action is to ignore the whole brouhaha. And as you mentioned, the movie itself doesn't sound particularly noteworthy. has some wonderfully scathing reviews of it..

    I recently discovered your blog, btw, and am enjoying it. It's always nice to find fellow converts!

  2. Maybe the bishop is missing one important clue. There are some who have no idea who Christ is. They have had no exposure to Him through family or friends. Let's not forget that there are vast numbers of people, Catholic, Protestant, agnostic, and atheist, who failed to notice the book is fiction and have taken the story it contains as factual. So, I think we have a duty to inform the uninformed. If we help to awaken one soul, just one, then the hullabaloo was worth it.

  3. I hear your point Steve, but I still think that a better example of Christian love to the world would be a simple not-freaking-out over Hollywood tripe. When we live our lives making Christ real to those around us - and when the rest of the Church does the same - no Hollywood lie can stand up against that incarnate reality. It would look like nonsense.

    To my knowledge, nobody ever came to the faith because they were convinced of its truth through reason. Love in action is what increases our flock.


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