Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

My wife was treated to a special breakfast treat today: my own version of "Nagafuki Surprise" from the Bud Light commercial.

If you haven't seen that ad, it features a guy reading a menu in a Japanese restaurant. He inquires what the Nagafuki Surprise is; the waitress only tells him it comes with a Bud Light. That's enough argument for him. He boasts to the ladies at the table, "I've been to Japan," does a karate chop move, then adds, "Can't surprise me!" The meal arrives, and it looks something like the main course above. He picks it up with chopsticks, but suddenly something like a hybrid between a starfish and an octopus jumps out and latches onto his face. The restaurant staff, watching eagerly, then shout "Surprise!"

The guy tilts his head and we hear him mumble, "Tastes kinda funny." To which the waitress responds, "It lay eggs now. Enjoy!"

My wife can't stand that commercial; it's one of the few things on TV that grosses her out. So this was a bit of a gag breakfast, but it sure was yummy.

Of course, it didn't spring up onto her face and start laying eggs.

I toasted some whole wheat English muffins and then carved out the insides and stacked the four crusts. Then I scrambled some egg, milk, cheeses, and chopped up asparagus stalks and packed it inside the muffin crusts. The spiky things poking out are asparagus tops, of course.

Rounding out the plate is some crumbled marble cheese and fresh strawberries. To drink was Swiss Chocolate Almond coffee.

I sure love my wife! She's a great mother; I couldn't have asked for a better woman.

I'm going to make her day today.

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